Date: 5/21/2022
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In the Meeting of International Short Film Judges:

Afkhami: Just make good film to be seen

According to the report of Public Affairs of 5th Urban International Film Festival, the joint meeting of the jury of international short cinema was held on the third day of festival with the presence of Behrouz Afkhami, Miroljub Vuckovic – Serbian director – and Jutta Wille - managing director of German Short Film Association.

In this meeting Behrouz Afkhami noted that many films are made in apartments and internal locations and said: the reason is that shooting in city is a hard work, but I think it’s possible to record these environments by filming them.

He responded to the issue that getting permission to shoot in the city is difficult and said: it’s not necessary to take any permission for shooting the urban scenes and as long as you wouldn’t break the law, you don’t need other permissions.

The director mentioned that we shouldn’t look for different definition for films and continued: what’s the result of these definitions? We should try making good film and if it would be appropriate for different festivals, it is chosen itself.

Jutta Wille, managing director of German Short Film Association noted that short films are good media to transfer various concepts and said: short films can be more effective than long films and I think it’s better to use short films in educational issues.

Miroljub Vuckovic, Serbian director, another judge for international short film section also stressed: one of the features of cinema is to gather people to seat in a hall next to each other and reach to a common feeling. Urban space in films has approved that it can cause shaping the feeling.

He continued: there are various signs for urban space in cinema and urban environment can be seen in different films. There is a place where cities make cinematic school and they are connected with films’ characters themselves.

The Serbian director pointed out to the films have been made after World War II in Germany and said: at that time movies were made which were dedicated to Berlin and they showed an image of a split city in two parts, but in recent years it does not easily happen to make such films. For example a director from New York goes to Toronto to reduce costs and shows urban distorted space, even he throws garbage on the ground to liken images to New York, but it’s making fake image.

Vuckovic also added: I have seen 37 short films in the festival that some of them have completely been urban and created a new environment.  A simple subject is selected for short films and the main issue is easily told through it.

The Serbian director said at the end: urban film should deal with people’s lives and situation, however the different cinematic genres give us a certain viewing angles so that we can work in a particular field.