Date: 6/1/2023
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The international program is announced on the second day of Shahr Film Festival

According to the news headquarters of the 8th Shahr International Film Festival, in Hall No. 1, at 20:00 to 21:30, the feature film of the international cinema "The Lunchroom" will be screened.
In hall number three, from 17:30 to 19:00, documentaries and short films of international cinema "The Risk Of Falling", "Hunting Season", "Nauha", "Organic Baby", "Void", "+55", from 19:30 to 21 international cinema documentaries "Tiny Movie Theatre At The Ghetto" and "Lines", 22:00 to 23:30 short and semi-length films and international documentaries "There Is Tea, If You Drink", "How I Beat Glue And Bronze", "Cairo "Symphony Of A City"", "Villa Portales" and "Montreal Has Died" will be shown.
The 8th Shahr International Film Festival, under the direction of Majid Akbarshahi, will be held from July the 18th to the 22nd at Mellat Gallery Cinema campus. Those who are interested can refer to the Telegram channel of this art event at and the official Instagram of the festival to get the latest information about the 8th Shahr International Film Festival.