Date: 12/11/2023
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A report of the animations of the international department;

A screening with world-selected animations at Shahr Film Festival

According to the news headquarters of the 8th International Shahr Film Festival, the 8th International City Film Festival started its work on Sunday, July the 17th, and numerous theatrical works from short films to feature films, documentaries and animations were shown during this period. Today, Wednesday is the first day of the animation screenings of the international section of this festival, and in this section, we will take a glimpse of the competition of 18 animation works from different countries.
According to the members of the selection board of this section, the animations were chosen obsessively in line with the theme of this festival. you can see different animation techniques in these works. these works have creative themes and are valuable works of their owners.
For example, the 6-minute animation "Mondo Domino" has a theme about living in the urban world and condemning the discussion of consumerism and destroying nature in today's world. Sometimes some works point to the cold dimension of human daily life in today's world, how technology, smart mobile phones, or even the Coronavirus and its limitations and the pressure of daily tasks can affect people's lives and make people fall into deep loneliness or in other words They are no longer confined in a prison of urban facilities. These are the things that ultimately result from the consequences of living in the city and can be clearly seen in the animation section of this festival.
These topics, which are shown in the form of animations of several minutes with different techniques, can be intresting for every taste, and due to the short and diverse nature of the works, this may be a pointer for certain audiences regarding the main theme of the festival, so that not only the special audience, even the general audience will enjoy this variety.
In the meantime, movie lovers will also benefit this section. The animation "Mattricide", one of the animations present at the Shahr Film Festival, is a stop motion, which is said to be something like this animation if Alfred Hitchcock had made the movie "Birds" with mattresses instead of crows, which is advised a must watch for movie lovers.
In addition to these 18 works, 4 Iranian animations also compete in the international animation section, with a total of 22 films being judged in this section. Of course, Iranian animation works are shown in their screenings in the Iranian cinema section. It is suggested that those who are interested in watching these animation works who do not make it to this screening on Wednesday, do not miss the repetition of the screening of international animation on the last day of this festival, Thursday, from 17:30 to 19:00.
The 8th Shahr International Film Festival, under the direction of Majid Akbarshahi, will be held from July the 18th to the 22nd at Mellat Gallery Cinema campus. Those who are interested can refer to the Telegram channel of this art event at and the official Instagram of the festival to get the latest information about the 8th Shahr International Film Festival.